08SP2-19012-Soft Blue

Small Soft First Aid Kit. Be ready for all those potential emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors or on the water.

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Kit Contents

1x Plastic Strip 19×72 pk50
1x Conforming Band 5×1.8m
1x Eye Pad Single
1x First Aid Booklet Approved
1x Glove Nitrile 1pr
1x Tape Paper 1.25cm x 5m Hypo
1x Bag – Reseal 150 x 100mm
1x  Bag – Reseal 100 x 75mm
3x Wound Wipe Cetrimide Alco Free
1x Safety Pins pk12 Assorted
1x Scissor S/S 12.5cm Sharp/Blunt
1x Eye Wash 15ml Salinaax
1x Splinter Probe – disposable
1x Triangular Bandage Disposable
1x Forceps 7.5cm Nickel Plated
1x No 15 Wound Dressing
1x Mediswabs Alcohol Swabs ea
1x Bag Fabric Blue Sm 200x130x50

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